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[Tutorial] "Unlock" your iPhone with SuperSim

[Tutorial] "Unlock" your iPhone with SuperSim

Warning! Proceed at your own risk! Your provider can block your subscription!

If your carrier SIM card is not V1 this method will NOT work, because U CAN'T get Ki number from chip! Bassicly V1 SIM cards are at least 7 years "old" SIMs. U CAN'T know for sure if your SIM is V1 ,V2 or V3 before u try to extract Ki with WORONSCAN software(download below). If Woronscan can't extract Ki number, your SIM IS NOT V1, and U CAN NOT proceed!

SuperSim DON'T work on iPhones with 04.13.03_G and 04.04.05_G basebands

Thanks to Vladimir_CDI,ozbimmer

For start U will need:

1. an iPhone with AT&T(or O2) card which came with it!
2. Serial SIM Reader/Writer (Infinity USB Unlimited, Dynamite Programer(I used this) ,etc...)
3. SilverCard
4. Your SIM card (It must be a V1 ,U must be able to get Ki number)
5. Download: SimEmu 6.01, Woronscan 1.09

1. ::Getting IMSI,ICCID & Ki number from your SIMs::

Step 1 - Your(V1)SIM
1. Put your carrier SIM card in programer
2. Run Woronscan
3. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
4. Click on "Task" tab then on "ICC select" u will get a ICCID number, write it down.
5. Click on "Tasks" tab then on "Ki search", in pop-up window just click "Search", and wait,Ki extraction has began.(I was waiting for mine 40 min ) When u get it, write it down.

Step 2 - Getting IMSI from AT&T SIM card which came with an iPhone
1. Put your AT&T SIM card in programer
2. Click on "Tasks" then on "IMSI select" u will get a IMSI number, write it down.
3. Close Woronscan
4. Remove SIM from programer

Now U have all "data" to make SuperSim.

2. ::Making SuperSim::

1. Download & extract (Remove dash "-")
1.a Put your Silvercard in programer
2. Run Sim-Emu 6.01 Configurator v2.1
3. Click on Configure tab
4. Click "Read from disk" button
5. Browse to your downloaded Flash&EEPROM files, first double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1.HEX and then double click on SIM_EMU_6.01_iphone_u1_EP.HEX, now they are loaded,positions 0 and 9 are red colored,thats fine.
6. In position 0 , type in data which u got from your carrier SIM with Woronscan - IMSI,Ki & ICCID! For ADN/SMS/FDN# type 161, 15, 4, for SMS Centre type in your carrier SMS center number. Type in some numbers for PIN1 and PUK1, remember it.
7. Now select position "9", here type IMSI from AT&T SIM card ,and PIN1 ,PUK1 number same like in position "0" ,NOTHING ELSE!
8. In "Config mode" tick "Files" circle button.
9. Click on "Write to disk" button,u'll be asked to save new created SuperSim Flash&Eeprom files,Save it!
10. Write those NEW created Flash&Eeprom files on Silvercard with your programer software!
11. How to cut big card to SIM

3. ::Making your iPhone work with SuperSim::

1. Put your created SuperSIM in iPhone
2. Jailbreak & Activate your iPhone and thats it, u should now get signal! (search the forum for "How To" for your iPhone version)

Note: If U will be using 1.1.2 U NEED iWorld application to make SMS and phone work, u can find it in Installer-->Tweaks(1.1.2). Install it, run it, select your country, reboot iPhone if it doesnt automaticly.


::Manual Activation::OPTIONAL

- If after Jailbreak and Activation your iPhone still dont accept SuperSim proceed below:

1. Download, unrar folder from inside to Desktop
2. Go to, under Activator v0.2 type in DEVICE ID, IMEI ,ICCID. Click "Generate"

If u're on WIN click on "download a custom activator v0.2" to download *.exe , now move it to SuperSim folder.

If u're on MAC click on download your generated activation record to download *.plist file TO DESKTOP. (after download RENAME IT TO a.plist !!!!!!)


While your iPhone is still connected to PC double click iphoneinterface.exe in SuperSim folder,now type one command at the time:

cd /System/Library/Lockdown/
putfile /System/Library/Lockdown/iPhoneActivation.pem

Now double click that long digit exe file u downloaded in step 3. to activate your iPhone with SuperSim!


1. Copy iPhoneActivation.pem from SuperSim folder to /System/Library/Lockdown/ ,with your favorite tool
2. Download the following file to your Mac.
3. Extract it to a directory on your desktop named iPhoneTool , AND COPY YOUR DOWNLOADED a.plist file OVER that one already inside!
4. Open the program “Terminal” location in HardDrive/Applications/Utilities
5. Type the following command into the flashing cursor:
cd ~/Desktop/iPhoneTool
6. Now make sure your iPhone is connected and you quit iTunes
7. To activate your iPhone type the following command into the flashing cursor (note that there are two dashes before activate):

./tool --activate a.plist

EDIT: I changed tutorial so that u use ICCID from your carrier SIM. (Thanx ozbimmer)
EDIT: Added link to new SIM_EMU_6.01_iPhone_u1(Thanx Vladimir_CDI)
EDIT: Removed step to disable PIN in Woronscan,added info how to disable PIN in iPhone
EDIT: Refreshed activation
EDIT: Update regarding AT&T(or O2) SIM card
EDIT: Added Donation Option
EDIT: Rearanged because of manual activation confusion

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